Why vote for Guilhem Chêne?

Because I hope to bring to the Community ...


I have been a Certified Google Educator working with teachers and empowering the next generation since 2014

I designed a Website to help language learners which is completely free

A Commitment to Education, Lifelong Learning and International Links

I have represented Guernsey's interests in Caen to facilitate access for local students to go study in Normandy. Prepared Guernsey Lawyers for their French Examinations in Caen.

Personal Statement

I want to be the voice of young people and support policies that will get Guernsey in line with social changes needed in 2020

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Having worked with young people for nine years as a secondary teacher in Guernsey, I am sensitive to the challenges that our young people and families face in our community, on a personal and professional level. We are living through a period of unprecedented fast-paced change: 2020 forced us to redefine the new normal and adapt fast. This has given me the conviction that Guernsey can thrive even in facing adversity.

• I am keen to promote policies that will address the issue of climate change. We need a tangible plan for making sustainability a cost-effective reality.

• I want to build on the previous education reforms to make sure they suit our island’s needs. Putting children and their learning at the centre of new policies supported by evidence and education professionals.

• It is important to modernise public engagement tools for a more direct and transparent local democracy and adapt laws so they reflect current social changes.

• I believe in investing in our people's health and well being so our economy strives.

• We need to tackle the pressing financial issues regarding the current economy by putting the local initiatives first.

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  • Education

  • Innovation

  • Sustainable Future

What is on Chene TV?

Chene TV is a selection of videos which will help you understand my key values and motivations

Guilhem Chêne

Parish: St Peter Port

Experience: New candidate

Party: No Party affiliation

Telephone: 07781 125308

Email: vote@gchene.info

Twitter: @GCheneGSY

Facebook: VoteGchene

LinkedIn: gchene

Website: www.gchene.info